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#student #collaborations from yesterday’s #mixed #media & #collage class @bkbrains.  

Upcoming Classes! Sriracha, Serial Killers, and Shibori

Today in 1790 the very first US parent was granted (for a new method of making potash). There wasn’t a Patent Office yet, and instead the Secretary of State, the Secretary of War, and the Attorney General all sat down together to review the applications, calling themselves the “Board of Arts.” Over the entire year they approved three whole patents, about 0.0012% of what the USPTO did in 2012.

Upcoming Classes

Coming Up Soon 
Floral Design Project: English Garden Baskets - perfect for summer or to brighten up your apartment anytime 
Floral Design Project: Rustic Wood Boxes - sometimes the city needs a touch of the country 
How to Play Golf - from birdies to bogies, everything you need to know 
Tree Identification! - learn a london plane from a linden 
Board Game Olympics - from Scattergories to sudden death Jenga - only a few spots left!

Skills of All Sorts 
Storytelling 101: How to Tell an Amazing Tale - learn the basics to crafting an excellent tale 
The Design Gym Weekend Workout with UNICEF - a weekend workout for your creative muscles - spots are going fast for this one! 
Experience Design For Everyone - the tools to create an excellent user experience 
Storytelling for Business People - whether you’re working on a mission statement or prepping to give a killer presentation, tactics for bringing personal stories to the office

Foodish & Drinkish 
Garlic: A History - the secret history of an unassuming ingredient 
Iced Indian Libations - tasty drinks from the Subcontinent 
Wontons & Dumplings! - make your own pan-fried delights 
Momo Making - get hands-on with Nepalese dumplings 
The Cream of the Crop: Finding a Winner in the Produce Aisle - fruits and veggies from the fields to the market 
Sriracha: A History - “rooster sauce” might be as American as apple pie 
Summer Cheese Pairings - wines, fruits and cheese

Artsy & Crafty 
Make Your Own Marbled Papers - an easy + satisfying craft, learn to create loads of nifty patterns in just 90 minutes 
Shibori Tie-Dye - take your tie-dye up a notch 
Tie-Dye Techniques - personalize your wardrobe with these unique techniques 
Make Your Own Stationery - your thank you cards will never be the same 
Classic Charcoal Drawing - Level 2 - aimed at those with some prior experience 
Lo-fi Printing: Block Carving - your own lo-fi print studio 
Dada Book Arts - binding books through games and experiments

Reading, Writing, & Language 
Reading Octavia Butler - an examination of one of the best modern sci-fi writers 
Drop-in Writing Clinic - one-on-one consults 
Get Unstuck: Get Writing, Again - a daylong workshop to up your output

Lecture Style 
For Teachers: Learning Strategies for the Classroom - expand your educational toolkit 
Money & Happiness: Is There a Connection? - the psychology and sociology of $$$ = :) 
Serial Killers - for those of us who lose entire weekends to Law & Order marathons 

The NYC Makery Pop-up Makerspace

From August 5-16, the NYC Makery is taking over our space for a series of kid-and-adult friendy workshops on everything from programming to 3D printing.

Check out a few highlights from the first week, or take a peek at the full list.

Arduino Bootcamp
3D Scanning, Processing, and Printing Objects from the Real World
Intro to 3D Design + Printing

From yo-yo class last night

From yo-yo class last night

Super moody nighttime Brainery

Super moody nighttime Brainery

Someone caption this better than I can. 

Someone caption this better than I can. 

9/15 Saturday, 4 to 8pm, End of Summer BBQ with Brooklyn Brainery!

We can’t wait! 


On 9/15 we are going to have an “end of summber BBQ” with Brooklyn Brainery folks at Bat Haus! $7 gets you some hamburgers/hot dogs/veggie burgers and whatever sides we dream up that day (delicious ones), plus the chance to meet some nice folks and challenge your new friends to a board game tournament or seven. BYOB. Don’t forget to sign up here

The Gowanus is especially dirty today  (Taken with Instagram)

The Gowanus is especially dirty today (Taken with Instagram)

Hooray! We finally have a store! And it only took us several years to get it all together. You can see the current offerings right over here: shop.brooklynbrainery.com

Hooray! We finally have a store! And it only took us several years to get it all together. You can see the current offerings right over here: shop.brooklynbrainery.com

foosball table pics

How to set up a meatshare

If you’ve sick of gross grocery store meat and have an extra large freezer, whole animal buying from local farms just might be for you. Check out the slides from a workshop we hosted last week to get all the details!